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Our Community Agreements

Sobriety On-site

No smoking (or fires of any kind, no candles or incense, etc.) on site. No use or distribution of illegal drugs or alcohol on site. Transparent communication if one has a medical marijuana permit or are using substances that affect consciousness such as bi-polar medication.


Embody, explore and express our sexual energy in a way that feels safe and consensual for yourself and others. Release the shame surrounding sexual energy by being transparent about your desires. Support all in consensual sexuality for 18+ adults. Take responsibility for your sexual choices and affirm your agency in making choices. Accept all gender and non-gender expressions, sexual orientations, as well as all relationship forms and styles.

Pursue Personal Self-development

Respect other’s individual paths. Reflect on yourself rather than blaming others. Be transparent about what you are working on.

Personal Self-Responsibility

Take responsibility for your choice to be here, for your words and actions. Ask for a pause, a stop and state boundaries where necessary. When a breach of community agreements comes to your attention, take empowered action to make amends.


Make an effort to connect with all people on site. Hold and be held by the community at Monday night share circle. Attend community dinners when possible. Support a sense of humor and playfulness while being sensitive to others.


No threats, intimidation or non-consensual touch. Recognize violent thought patterns towards yourself and others. Do emotional release work in a consensual manner at appropriate times and places.

Integrity in Agreements

Honestly do the work you have agreed to do. Acknowledge where you have broken or disagree with agreements.

Empowered Direct Communication

Make clear requests. No gossip or collusion. Address things that come up, do not be avoidant. Try one on one, then ask for mediation if necessary. Be available to receive feedback about how your words, actions, and/or situation you were involved with impacted someone.

Ecological Awareness

Conserve Water, Electricity, Soil, Food, Recycle. Prioritize eating food off of the land first, island second, and off island last.

Body Positivity.

Embrace the natural human body through a clothing optional environment (bottoms must be worn in kitchen and dining lanai). Nudity is not a sexual invitation.

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