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Embody your calling to serve humanity’s evolution...

Who are we?


We are a network of diverse people focused on personal development & growth.


Where are we?


We are located on the Big Island of Hawai'i in the Puna district. 

Our Mission


To uplift the consiousness of humanity.


What is HER?

Hawaii Eco Retreat started as an intentional community and retreat center that leased Lolia Eco-Village from August 2021 - December 2023. 

In June 2023, Ali left HER to go work with a coach on the east coast and to live for 6 months at a community home in Puerto Rico called Skyway. There she spent months exploring the map of human relating, sociology, and psychology through daily practices in community. In November 2023, Ali heard the call to take the business mobile and focus on developing an incubator and retreat program for the Big Island in Winter 2024. HER still partners with local retreat centers but is not permanently leasing the property.

Now, HER is focused on developing the Academy.

What is the Academy?

The Academy is a groundbreaking educational experiment that uses emergent, cutting edge social technology to explore the map of what it means to be human. Our mission is to guide individuals in transcending their cultural and parental programming and past experiences including trauma, enabling an expansive journey into the full spectrum of human emotion, being, and relationships. Click here learn more about the Academy.

*HER is no longer permanently leasing Lolia property (see info on Stay Locations - Lolia to learn more) but is instead focused on our summer programs.

Current Programs

Join our Summer Program

No upcoming events at the moment

One with Nature

Located right on the ocean, this area is every nature lover's dream.

To the west is a natural volcanic hot springs, and to the east is the iconic Kehena black sand beach. Don’t forget to check out the lava at Volcanoes National Park and hike to rainforest waterfalls in Hilo.

Communty Agreemens

Experience a local community unlike any other, highlighted by Sunday Funday. Start at Sundari song circle for wholesome, uplifting and heart centered community connection. Then go to Kalani to experience a few hundred radiant humans channeling movement in the birthplace of ecstatic dance. Head over to the beach and lawn feeling your toes in the grass as the rhythm of the community drum circle beats through you, as the sun sets in the distance.

Local Community

Community Values & Agreements

1. Self-Responsibility
   - Empower yourself to create the life of your choosing.
   - Acknowledge your choice to be here and take responsibility for your words and actions.
   - Address breaches of commu
nity agreements promptly.

2. Integrity
   - Do what you agreed to do.
   - Acknowledge and address breakdowns.
   - Speak up if you disagree with agreements.

3. Empowered Communication
   - Make clear requests.
   - Address upsets or tension direc
   - Seek mediation if needed.

   - Schedule clearing conversations and be open to feedback.

4. Freedom from Addiction
   - Sobriety heavily emphasized.

   - Take responsibility for substances altering your state.

   - Be discreet and stay grounded.

5. Intentional Growth
   - Respect individual paths.
   - Reflect on personal growth.
   - Be transparent about your journey.

6. Ecological Harmony
  - Prioritize local and sustainable consumption.
   - Challenge cultural programming to consume and give back.

7. Body Positivity
   - Embrace the natural body.
   - Clothing optional, with exceptions.
   - Nudity is not a sexual invitation.

8. Sex-Positive
   - Express sexual energy consensually.
   - Release shame and be transparent about desires.
   - Accept all gender expressions and sexual orientations.

9. Non-Violence
   - Recognize and address violent thought patterns.
   - Do emotional release work consensually.

  - Be sensitive to others' feelings.

10. Participation
    - Connect with others.
    - Attend community events and meals.
    - Support humor and playfulness.

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"Courtney and Ali are energetic powerhouses that know how to create a container for healing. I had the privilege of meeting them the day of the workshop. I instantly felt safe, heard, and seen through their leading from a set of principles and values that honors the unique journey of the individual. Since the workshop I feel like a weight has lifted off my shoulders and my relationships with my family and coworkers have improved significantly. I was able to feel, heal, and release. What anyone would hope for in venturing into the internal parts unknown, I received! Thank you Ali and Courtney!"


Meet Our Leadership

About Ali
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Courtney Babbidge - Courtney is an individual who radiates enthusiasm and a zest for life that is truly captivating. For the past 18 years, she has dedicated herself to both receiving and imparting guidance on physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional well-being. Her unwavering passion for people, relationships, and the beauty of life stems from her profound appreciation for the Pulse: the rhythm that permeates all things and infuses them with vitality. 


When you engage with Courtney, she will skillfully direct your attention towards your own Pulse. Through her guidance, you will learn to harmonize your thoughts and biophysiology, allowing your Pulse to pulsate in a rhythm that positively influences your daily decision-making. By embracing this rhythm, you will be empowered to wholeheartedly embrace the story you wish to live out, moment to moment. Courtney's unique approach fosters a deep understanding of the interconnectedness between mind, body, and the vibrant tapestry of existence, enabling you to unlock your fullest potential.

Alison Williams - Ali has a background as an Olympic athlete in synchronized swimming and is the founder and Director of Hawaii Eco Retreat, which operated a full time retreat center and intentional community from 2021 - 2023 and is creating a school for human relating in 2024. Her credentials include a Master’s degree in Transformational Coaching and Leadership from UCLA.

She was taught to ignore all emotions and push towards a goal with militant dedication. After decades in this environment, she now seeks to cultivate relational environments where masterful interpersonal dancing is prioritized. After removing her armor of numbness and dissociation, she helps others do the same so they can experience the full radiance that only exists in the present moment.

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