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What Led Me to This Path?

I was in the kitchen when a conflict escalated between staff members over a glass pyrex on the ground under the dish dry racks. It was about so much more than just the dog bowl. It was like mom and dad fighting. I looked around and realized that my life was a living hell. Even though things were objectively amazing - living in a stunning place with abundance of food, ocean time, dance, and connection with others - beneath the surface it was trigger after trigger again and again. What looked like paradise on the outside was a cage on the inside. 

One with Nature

Busy most of the time from the stress of trying to hold it all together, I didn’t have time to do anything. My business and personal relationships were suffering. It was hard to be present and live in my body. There was significant exodus from the property and I got called out of Hawaii - into the arms of a coach on the East Coast who got me to take a hard look at the life I’d created. 

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