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The Academy

The Academy is a groundbreaking educational experiment that uses emergent, cutting edge social technology to explore the map of what it means to be human. Our mission is to guide individuals in transcending their cultural and parental programming and past experiences including trauma, enabling an expansive journey into the full spectrum of human emotion, being, and relationships.

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Core Values

We believe these values make up a human that can live harmoniously and powerfully in a global world.

The academy has created foundational skills to develop the values, and each exercise touches upon a skill.


We believe that these are critical personal and interpersonal skills to develop and upkeep, much like a physical workout regimen.


We practice so that we can better understand what is going on inside of us.


We practice so that we can better understand what is going on inside others.


We practice so that we can experience the depth of life only available in the present moment.


We practice so that we can experience the mind integrating with the body.


We practice so that we can take responsibility for our power and create the life of our choosing.

Emotional Intelligence

We practice so that we can develop self awareness, empathy, and effective communication. 

Emotional Courage

We practice so that we can embrace all emotions, including anger and other traditionally suppressed feelings, as valid and informative.

Expansive Relating

We practice so that we can challenge conventional interaction styles to explore a broader spectrum of human connection.

Community and Connection

We practice together so we can create conscious, supportive community, and inspire the evolution of humanity. 


We practice so we can stay emotionally current.


Level 1

Level 2

Facing what's present - claiming your character

Character Optimization

Become fully present to what is - who you are in this moment and what are your behaviors, emotions, programs, beliefs/worldview, and personality. Develop your personal map including how you came to be the character you are today. 

Try on new ways of being and interpersonal dance skills. Once you try them on, how do you integrate them into your life? Do you have any personality spinach in your teeth that might be better off lessened/eliminated?



Facilitated Foundational Exercises

Container Exercises

These are often in 2-10 minute increments that sharpen everyone’s skills

Warmups: connection and icebreakers that drop us into the present moment with the group. 

Ways of Being: exploring embodying different emotions as well as receiving them

Ways of Relating: exploring different interpersonal dances that can be done with others

Pick individualized focus areas to work on in containers with other participants.

Example: Breaking down the people pleaser, letting your anger express itself, saying no to sexual advances, owning your avocado, giving voice to the inner child

Stage Work

Explore different ways of being in front of the group and utilize the collective intelligence of the field to define and create a new experience for your character.

Supplementary Work

Movement, meditation, embodied sensuality, temple arts, music/singing, ritual, conflict resolution, holding space for others, community living, etc.

Outomes and Impact

Graduates from The Academy emerge with a newfound understanding of the vast potential in human relationships and emotional experiences. They are equipped with the tools to navigate their emotions with intelligence, engage in richly varied interpersonal dynamics, and contribute to a more emotionally aware and authentically connected world.

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