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*Less than one month

*One month or more

Listen to Our Paradise
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Residential Buildings

Private Rooms

Our 2 residential buildings feature a total of 16 private bedrooms, each with a comfortable, queen size bed. They are simple but also clean and quiet, and we are proud of our recent renovations and artistic flooring. Quiet hours from 9pm to 9am help everyone rest. Get the best sleep of your life!


Private Cabins

For our guests who appreciate a bit more privacy and spaciousness, we offer two lovely cottages, each with a 16' x 16' bedroom and 8' x 16' lanai. 

WiFi and Co-Working

 We have an enterprise-grade system with commercial components such as a Ubiquiti dream machine high-speed router and Cat6 buried cable that supplies the Ubiquiti switches and access points in all the buildings.  Bedrooms have WiFi.  We also have ethernet cables available in the Co-Working office as well as the Pineapple Lounge (another co-working space).  Use your laptop on the dining lanai and enjoy fresh air and the nearby coffee/tea station!


Community Food Program

We grow banana, papaya, soursop, lemon, cacao, oranges, mangoes, and more! Guests on the Community Food Plan are welcome to pick fresh fruit straight from the tree, as well as enjoy prepared meals and kitchen access. To join the program is joining us in Love, Laughter, and Good Food. 

Wood-Fired Hot Tub & Fresh Water Pool

Experience the nervous system relaxation of hot tub and cold plunge.  The hot tub stove is lit approximately 3-4 times a week. The fresh water pool is chemical-free and is filled with geothermal fresh water.


Yoga Studio & Event Space

We have plenty of space for yoga classes and community events in our 1,800 square foot studio.

Dining Lanai

Share meals and conversation with the community! Our delicious community-prepared meals are always vegetarian (and often vegan), and very healthy. Enjoy a variety of foods, often featuring fruits and vegetables grown right here on the land!


Community Bathhouse

Spacious all-gendered toilet and shower facilities with view overlooking the orchard. 


*One month or more

*Less than one month

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