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A Letter From HER Director



It's great to hear you resonate with Hawaii Eco Retreat. We are so excited to get to know you!

As a volunteer here, you would have the opportunity to be part of the community in several ways. There is so much potential in being part of a well-functioning team! The work itself can be meditative and help you connect back to the Earth. Second is an exploration of your relationship to others through work. Third is an opportunity to rest and relax and allow the land itself to nourish and replenish you, which may assist you to tune into your own wisdom and knowledge as you remember your wholeness.

Myself and other staff members would engage with you in a two-way feedback process designed to help us all grow, and you would receive coaching when relevant to assist with work, interpersonal, or any other challenges you may face at this time.

We would like to know where you are at in your life and why you are at this transition point. What areas of personal growth and development are you most interested in right now? Are there any particular schools of thought you are currently diving into that are guiding your path?

Please apply through our website here, following the steps below this letter.


Looking forward to hearing back!



Ali Williams

2022 Founder, Hawaii Eco Retreat

2021 MA, Transformational Coaching & Leadership, UCLA

2016 USA Olympic Team, Duet Alternate

2006-2016 USA National Team

About me: My name is Ali and I’ve been here over a year now. I used to be a professional synchronized swimmer on the National & Olympic Team and I have a Master’s in Transformational Coaching and Leadership. Now I am on a journey to heal and my work at Hawaii Eco Retreat is to create an environment where others can pursue their own personal growth and development. My other passion is giving aquatic bodywork, a realm I had never heard about prior that I’ve found to have incredible transformational potential.

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Here are your steps to apply:

Email us at to start the process.

1. Fill out the First Step Application.

2. Please send your resume that contains references, including your current or most recent employer. We will wait to contact any references until you give us permission after the interview itself. 


3. Schedule a Zoom interview  to get to know each other and feel into our mutual compatibility.

4. If hired, please:

  • Sign the Liability Waiver

  • Fill out the Second Step Application

  • Fill out the Volunteer Agreement, sent via email

  • Send a copy of your photo ID 

  • Complete Arrival Info Form

We look forward to meeting you!

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